Did Google Block PBN (Private Blog-Network) Back-links with an Update to Penguin?

Here’s Our Theory:

Google might have made some adjustments to their algorithms this month on how they target spammy back-links and other forms of spam. Google would not validate or refute there was an algorithm adjustment, but in accordance with the indicators I am monitoring, there seems to have been an algorithm revision that has hit individuals who practice more aggressive link building techniques.

The revision seems to have taken place around Feb 1, 2017. It may well have been an adjustment to how Google Penguin recognizes and discounts un-natural links, or it may well be a completely new formula – we are unclear. But a lot of internet marketers inside the “black-hat” SEO forums seem to be experiencing this and stressing that their techniques are not performing as well.

The vast majority of the Google traffic monitoring systems, such as Moz, Algoroo, RankRanger and numerous others, show unusual turbulence around Feb 1st.

Meanwhile virtually all of the non-spammy Search Engine Marketing communities are not noticing the same ranking fluctuations.

If I had to speculate, I would guess this is an algorithm revision around how Google discredits spammy back-links, maybe updating the Penguin algorithm or something else.

What This Means For Your Business

If you’re a local business owner, you don’t have time to digest and learn everything there is to know about how Google works. That’s the job of your SEO Expert. When you’re deciding on who to work with, make it explicitly clear that you DO NOT want any Black Hat digital marketing techniques directly impacting your main website. If they are not completely and unequivocally clear, find a new SEO specialist.

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