GEO Targeted Websites

The most technically advanced geo-targeted web pages on the market!

We create city specific dynamic web pages for each service that Google loves. Each page has unique URL’s, Titles, Meta Data, Image Names, Alt Tags, EXIF Data, GPS Data and other essential on-page SEO elements that make them rank on Google. Each page has unique content about that city along with an embedded Google map of that city.

I put my 20 plus years of SEO, marketing and web design skills into every aspect of these GEO targeted websites. These websites rank high on the search engines for city-specific searches, getting more leads and phone calls to the business. GEO web pages are exactly what Google wants to show their searchers for the best and most relevant experience.

These websites can have up to 10 services per site and cover every city of an entire state. We can then add more states every 2-3 months creating thousands of ranking pages. We have had pages ranking number 1 on Google in less than 3 weeks. It can take up to 90 days for some pages to rank. (And some pages will never rank on page one – that is just SEO.)

Example: 10 services x 482 California cities = 4,820 web pages on one website. (I page per service and per city.)





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