Oftentimes, small businesses are fast to implement new ideas. Other times, they are hesitant or “too busy” to even know what is out there. So it is with social media marketing.

As highlighted in Clutch 2017 Small Business Social Media Survey, 24 percent of small companies have zero social media presence. That is, in today’s business environment, completely unacceptable.

Digging deeper into the Clutch data reveals that fewer than half of all small businesses are, in fact, utilizing their social media presence on a constant basis. Sure, an eatery may have a Facebook Page setup, but there’s a good possibility its latest post was the Wednesday evening special in early May 2015.

Clutch found that less than 45% of small companies are on their social media sites multiple times a day. Another 23 percent are posting to their social properties on a daily basis.

Things to Keep in Mind

If your not productive on social media on a regular basis, your company’s message will be lost. Followers are drastically more likely to see content and updates from businesses that are more active on their platform. A relatively dormant profile is far more likely to go unseen.

Social Media is NOT a waste of time! Even the zero engagement posts have a great effect on SEO!

If a company is inconsistently posting, the reach will be poor even if the audience is pretty substantial. This is particularly true with Facebook. Inconsistency is tantamount to forfeiting your audience.

Help Me Help You!

Since the last two major Google updates, social media has been married to Search Engine Optimization. “Social signals” are a significant aspect of the major rank factors. Think about it, what legitimate company these days DOESN’T have a solid social media portfolio? It’s a way for Google to determine whether or not you are a real business. And, all things equal, Google will rank the site with the most social signals pouring in.

help me help you

That’s why my partner and I always emphasize to our clients, “Spend 15 minutes per day on social media.” Share something. Even if you get zero engagement, it will help us with your SEO efforts. And for local businesses, that includes spending time on citation sites like Yelp and Google Plus.

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